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Prince Slave / Bottom Signet Silver Ring

Width (front): approx. 15mm

Handmade from finest and solid .925 sterling silver in high polished design

The symbol unites the sign of the Love-Goddess Venus with that of the War-God Mars. In roman mythology Venus stands for the greek goddess of love Aphrodite, for esoteric desire and beauty. Biologically the sign stands for the female sex. In ancient Egypt it equates to the egyptian cross "Ank". The Mars-Symbol in classical mythology stands for the dominant greek War-God Ares and the equivalent roman god Mars. Biologically the mars-symbol stands for the male sex.
In the fetish-, gothic-, kinky- and BDSM-scene the combined sign symbolizes the submission of the slave (also "Bottom" or "Sub"). The term is mainly used in connection with dominance and often shows an existing preference for submissive elements or general status games. Also the musician Prince used this sign because he felt to be the slave of the music industry.