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Memento Mori "Skull" made of real buffalo bone without eyelet or hole

made by hand from natural materials: Deviations of size, color, material structure and shape possible

Hand-carved without eyelet or hole

On request we can attach an eyelet (sterling silver 925) for an additional charge.

Height: approx. 33 mm
Width: approx. 30 mm
Depth: approx. 30 mm
Variation: +/- 3 mm

Weight: 24-30 grams

Material: natural buffalo bone

Detailed hand-carved skull made of natural white buffalo bone.

Can be used as a decoration for the type case or your desk, as a chain pendant or as an accessory for the Charivari (with additional eyelet). In principle, these skulls can be attached anywhere with a little manual skill.

The skulls are about 33 mm high. The size can vary by +/- 3 mm.
Skulls of this size can only be made from tubular bones. Since, as the name suggests, tubular bones are hollow on the inside, the skullcaps are made from a separate piece of bone and placed on top. The interior is filled with synthetic resin.

The skull is a widely known Vanitas and "Memento Mori" symbol which aims to depict the body's limited time on earth and its inevitable turn to dust. As the domicile of the brain it is perceived in many cultures as the vessel of the spirit and the soul and thus as the source for thought and life. Skulls were - amongst other things - used in alchemy for conversion processes. Vanitas symbols - mostly with moralizing intent - are supposed to remind of the evanescence of life and material goods. Skulls also symbolize death by violent interference. The term "Memento Mori" (literally "remember to die") originated in Latin. In use is also "Memento Mortis" ("Remember death"). The exhortation "Memento Mori" was already used in antiquity. A slave in ancient Rome would stand behind his successful (in battle) master, who was given a victory parade, holding a laurel wreath and the Jupiter Temple Crown above his head reminding him without pause of the following:
  • Memento mori: Remember that you will have to die!
  • Memento te hominem esse: Remember that you are human!
  • Respice post te, hominem te esse memento: Look around - think, that you are only human.

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