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Stainless Steel Fleshplug with different motifs printed on glass

1 Piece

Flesh Tunnel / Plug from high grade stainless steel 316L with different motifs

    Selectable are:
  • Model A: crosshairs
  • Model B: Star
  • Model C: Iron Cross
  • Model D: No Smoking Symbol
    Advantages of stainless steel over silver:
  • no tarnishing of the material
  • no discoloration of skin or clothing
  • much harder than silver and thus practically indestructible
  • durable brilliance due to no corrosion
  • anti-allergenic

Our Earlets and Tunnels from stainless steel are absolutely harmless and therefore optimally suitable for persons with allergies through the skin-friendly properties of this material. They are not autoclavable though.

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