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Pewter pendant - Venus / Symbol of femininity

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Necklace with pewter pendant (new silver) "Venus" in matte brushed design. New and in original packaging

The Venus symbol ♀ is a stylized representation of the hand mirror of the goddess Venus (hence the symbol is also called Venus mirror). It stands:
In astronomy and astrology for the planet Venus, making it one of the astronomical symbols.
In Roman mythology for Venus, the goddess of love, erotic desire and beauty.
In biology for the female gender.
In society as a gender symbol for femininity and women, and - occasionally supplemented by a clenched fist enclosed by a circle - for women's movement and feminism.
In alchemy for the planet metal copper.
In medieval and baroque documents (such as diaries) for Friday (Latin Veneris, day of Venus)

pendant size: approx. 25 x 16 mm | Eyelet: diameter approx. 4 mm

Attached to a black, waterproof, waxed and adjustable cotton band

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