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Pewter Pendant "Egyptian Goddess Isis"

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Pewter Pendant - Egyptian Goddess Isis

Pewter pendant (new-silver) in matt finished design.

New and in original packing.

For the egyptians she was the "Goddess of Love", the "Goddess of the Sea", "Mother of Gods", "Mother of the Sun", "Queen of the Western Sky" and the one "rich with magic" since in her relation to Horus and Osiris she used magic. From this goddess mothers asked the blessing for their children. Also she was presumed an almost almighty sorceress who knew all secrets and future events. Some inscriptions read she may be "smarter than all gods". But for the egyptians she also had a dark side. Legend has it she stole the aging god Ra's magic to bring herself to ruler of the world.

Total Size: approx. 30x47mm
Ø Eyelet approx. 4mm

Supplied on a black, waterproof waxed and lenght-adjustable cotton necklace.

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