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Pewter Pendant "Dragon / Midgard's Snake"

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Pewter pendant (new-silver) in matt finished design

New and in original packing.

In Norse known as Midgardsormr (the snake to span the world). She was the second child of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. The Aesir threw her into the ocean where she grew so much over time that she became known as Midgard-Snake. She could bit her own tail when spanning the world. Next to Hel and the wolf Fenriz, her siblings, she is known as one of the three nemeses. In later christian times she was often equated with the biblical leviathan.

Total Size: approx. 40x35mm
Ø Eyelet approx. 5mm

Supplied on a black, waterproof waxed and lenght-adjustable cotton necklace.

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