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Large Black Oyster Shell and Silver Pendant

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Exclusive handcrafted pendant from the shell of a black lipped pearl oyster combined with .925 sterling silver

The natural color of the black-lipped pearl oyster varies between anthracite and black. The mother of pearl shell shimmers anthracite / silver to green or opalescent pink depending on the light and material structure. The natural shell which the pearl is made grows in the Austral-Society, Marquesas Islands and in the Tuamotu Archipelago. Today it is grown in the Polynesian lagoons.

In one of the polynesian stories about the creation of the world Tane - the creator of the world and God of harmony and beauty - brings the light into the world in form of pearls. Those pearls inspire him to create the stars. After he lit the heavens with stars, Tane gives the pearls to Rua Hatu, the God of the ocean, so he can light his realm with them. Closely connected to Tane is Oro the God of war and peace. He courts a human woman with pearls: He gives her the two pearls poe rava (peacock green) and poe konini, the pearl with circular grooves, which reminds about the pearl's origin on planet Saturn. After his courting is successfull and he spawned prodigy with his beloved, he gives Te Ufi - the pearl shell - to the humans on earth for them to comemorate his presence on earth. Since then it lives in the polynesian lagoons. Okana and Uaro, the spirits of the corals and of the sand, decorate Te Ufi after that with a cloth in all colors of the fish in the sea. This is how the iridescent layers of Mother of Pearl develop.

Ø approx. 47mm | Eyelet: approx. 6mm

Handmade from natural materials: slight variations in shape, size, colors and patterns are possible.

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