Different Motives Patches / Patches "Fuck You"

New Embroidered Patch in original packaging

Iron on and washable up to 40°C.

    Available models:
  • "Fuck Work", diameter: approx. 5,8 cm
  • "I'd do anything for a fuck", diameter: approx. 5,8 cm
  • "Fuck You You Fuckin' Fuck", diameter: approx. 5,8 cm
  • "I`m Fucking Mental", diameter: approx. 6 cm
  • "Fuck Off", size: approx. 6,0 x 4,4 cm
  • "Heart and Bones "Fuck You, size: approx. 4,5 x 6,0 cm
  • "Kiss My Ass", size: approx. 6,0 x 4,0 cm
  • "Fuck You and Your Perfect Life", diameter: approx.. 5,8 cm
  • stinky finger, size: approx. 7,1 x 3 cm
  • middle finger (black), size: approx. 6 x 4,6 cm

All dimensions are measured from the outer edges of the patches.