Patch "The Seal of Baphomet"

Ø approx. 6.66cm Ø approx. 7.60cm

Iron on embroidered Patch in two different designs and two different sizes

New and in original packaging!

There are many theories about origin and meaning of the word "Baphomet" but none that would be considered valid. "Abufihamet" (pronounced "bufihimat" in Spain during Arab occupation times) means "father of understanding" or "father of wisdom". "Tem Ohp Ab", a ananym of "Ba Pho Met" (read from right to left) has - according to Eliphas Levi - been used by the Templars.

Other common names are "Elves Foot", Pentakel and Pentalpha. Since the french occultist Eliphas Lévi especially the "upside down" inverted pentagram/pentakel is percieved as a symbol of satanism and occultism.