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real Shark Tooth pendant in 925 Sterling Silver setting

1 piece shark tooth pendant (without necklace) with setting of fine 925 Sterling Silver

real tooth from a shark, in sizes from approx. 19 to 27 mm (3/4th to 1 inch)

inner size of eyelet: approx. 6 x 4 mm

Exceptional pendant for surfers as talisman and memento

Each piece is unique. Handmade from natural materials: Variations in shape, color and structure are possible

Supplied on a black waxed cotton cord

Handmade pendant from a real Shark Tooth in Sterling Silver on a black waxed cotton cord

Beautiful natural jewelry.
Each setting is made by hand from silver and fitted to each tooth.

Shark teeth are regarded as a cult object and symbol for power. Especially surfers and divers love these pendants. They are said to protect the wearer from attacks by sharks.

Sharks lose their teeth routinely and replace them at the same time and continuously with new ones. Rejected teeth can be found at the beach in certain regions and can be made into jewelry. Unfortunately sharks also end up as by-catch in the fishing industry. This is not intended and we are in constant contact with our suppliers to prevent the use of raw materials from those sources. Sharks are not hunted for their teeth.

Every piece is unique. Variations in shape, color and structure are possible.

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