Massive unique sterling silver necklace for men with 28 skulls

Artfully forged 925 sterling silver necklace with 28 skulls

The skulls are approx. 25/64 x 45/64 x 7/16 inch (10 x 18 x 11 mm) in size

The silver necklace has a length of approx. 1 foot 11 15/64 inches (59 cm) and has a weight of approx. 125 grams

The hook clasp protects against unintentional loosening

Handmade small variations possible

Solid sterling silver necklace with 28 skulls

The elaborate handmade production of solid 925 silver makes each necklace a special, original piece of jewelry.

Our chains are made of 925 sterling silver. The necklaces are closed with a toggle clasp, which prevents unintentional loosening.
The weight is approx. 125 grams

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