Byzantine chain / Curb chain - Choker or Bracelet - 925 Sterling Silver Chain

made by hand: Deviations of size (+/- 1 mm) and shape possible

Material: solid 925 sterling silver

approx weight per 10 cm:

3.2 mm diameter: 6.3 grams
4.2 mm diameter: 10 grams
6 mm diameter: 20 grams
8 mm diameter: 33 grams
10 mm diameter: 52 grams

Each piece is hand-made and unique: lengths can vary by up to 0.5 centimeters and thicknesses by up to 0.2 millimeters.

The eyelet of a pendant should be at least 2 millimeters larger than the thickness of the chosen chain.

Byzantine chain made of solid 925 sterling silver with stylish hook clasp.

The traditional Byzantine braid design is several thousand years old. These chains are elaborately handcrafted in a selected factory.

In combination with a pendant, you should ensure that its loop is at least 2 mm larger than the selected chain thickness.

Silver Jewelry will turn black over time. This is a normal process during which silver reacts with oxygen and sweat but also ingredients of for example skin care products. For cleaning purposes we recommend silver cleaning cloth. These are soaked with chemicals which solve silver sulfide and take on the black residue. However during this manual process small amounts of actual siver are removed as well. Do not polish silver plated jewelry in this manner too often! We always recommend to take off silver jewelry during manual labor, while performing sports and in the shower or sauna.

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