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Green Jade Faceted Flesh Plug

Double flared saddle plug

Natural material - each piece is unique

Handmade from natural materials: slight variations in size (+/-1 mm), shape, colors and patterns are possible.

Extravagant, faceted hand-made flesh plug made of dark green jade

This monochrome flesh plug with its pleasant, green color is slightly translucent and has a very nice shine.
Due to the smooth back, this plug can be worn on both sides.

Due to the saddle shape - narrower in the middle - no holding rubbers are needed and the plug sits optimally in the ear and does not slip.

Jade is a common name of mineral mixtures, which is formed mainly of jadeite and nephrite. Jade has been in use in China for at least 8,000 years, and over time a veritable cult evolved around it. Even in Europe, in the Pacific, in the eastern Mediterranean and especially in Central America, Jade was processed millennia ago.

This article is available in different sizes. When used as intended, the jewelry is safe, but not sterilizable.

Each piece of jewelry is a handmade unique piece.
Handmade from natural materials: slight variations in size (+/- 1 mm) shape, color and structure possible.
The focus on nature and traditional craftsmanship characterizes Fly Style.

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