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Coral Optics Lady's Earrings Stones 925 Sterling Silver

Red synthetic resin mixed with ground howlite in coral optics in cabochon cut

1 pair of earrings with total length approx. 30 mm and 15 mm diameter

Timelessly beautiful earring sin sterling silver 925 with sparkling stones as a central eye-catcher

A charming gift for women and teenagers in the ethnic look

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Beautiful earrings - resin mix with crushed howlite stone in coral optics handmade in highly polished sterling silver 925

The stone sparkles discreetly on the ear and the silver frame decorates and protects the stone. A beautiful stone with an arched top is the central eye-catcher of this silver earring.
The total length is about 30 mm and the diameter 15 mm.

Cabochon (French for "nail head") means an unfaceted, round or oval cut of gemstones, where the bottom is flat and the top is arched outwards - cabochon cut.

In our other offers you will find 6 other variations such as Shiva eye, turban snail, abalone shell, mother of pearl, stones in jade, onyx optics. Choose your favorite stone here at Fly Style.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade and unique, therefore no piece is like the other.
The focus on nature and traditional craftsmanship characterizes Fly Style.

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Corals are sea-dwelling creatures, that live mostly in colonies which have a reef-forming effect. The red coral is classified worldwide into the category of gemstones. Since antiquity, it has gained a high reputation as a remedy as well as a magic stone. According to the legend, it was when Perseus struck the head the Medusa, whose gaze transformed all living things into stone, and a drop of blood fell into the sea that the red coral was created. Red corals came to Asia through the silk road. and they became irreplaceable in ayurvedic gemstone medicine. Both men and women wear coral as an amulet for good luck, for health, long life, joy and contentment.

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