Different Motives Patches / Patches for Children

New Embroidered Patch in original packaging

Iron on and washable up to 40°C.

Ideal to spice up or clothes to mend the torn or punctured pants, jackets and shirts of your children.

    Available models:
  • Ladybug - BxH: 48x63mm
  • Butterfly - BxH: 64x53mm
  • Horse and Foal - BxH: 70x65mm
  • Toadstool - BxH: 60x47mm
  • Cherries - BxH: 62x58mm
  • Coyote - BxH: 60x55mm
  • Colorful mushroom - BxH: 63x63mm
  • Moon - BxH: 55x60mm
  • Pink Panther - BxH: 80x48mm
  • Forest mushroom - BxH: 61x47mm

All dimensions are measured from the outer edges of the patches.

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